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$1 Sneakers

Random inventory drops weekly. All sold at $1 per pair. All verified by the three largest shoe authenticators on the planet.

Member Discounts

Member-only discounts that help our members get more while paying less. This includes shipping, consignment, merchandise & sneaker discounts.

member merch

Member-only merchandise that is only accessible if you're a member of Sneaker Society.

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Members get access to any member-only events, early drop information, member-only Discord channels & so much more.

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standard membership
$ 300
  • Not weekly. Not monthly. Just a one time payment for the year.

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$ 900
  • Not weekly. Not monthly. Just a one time payment for the year.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

are sneakers really just $1?

Our members are able to access $1 sneakers every week at random times on random days. We randomly upload inventory in the members portal where members are able to purchase 1 pair of $1 sneakers in a 24-hour timeframe. Each member that lives in the United States will pay an additional $15-$20 for the shipping on top of the $1 for the shoes.

how do I know $1 shoes are authentic?

All of our $1 sneakers that are purchased in the members platform get ordered directly from either, eBay, or StockX by our team. That’s right, we don’t do the authentication. They do. The shoes go directly from them to you. In short, you’re most certainly getting authentic sneakers if you’re dealing with Sneaker Society!  

do I have to worry about bots?

Simply put, no. And this is due to us limiting each person to only 1 sneaker per 24 hour timeframe. However, if we did catch someone using a bot, they would be banned for life and we wouldn’t send them any of the sneakers they purchased using such methods. 

are $1 sneakers rentals?

Absolutely not! You actually own any of the sneakers you manage to purchase for $1 throughout the year! You never have to return them. It’s NOT a rental program! 

how many members are there?

We are only allowing 10,000 people to join this year total. In the grand scheme of things, that’s a super limited amount of members considering some of your favorite sneaker YouTubers get over 100X that amount of views on some of their videos. Remember, Sneaker Society is a global brand and we’re only letting 10,000 of the 7 BILLION people on the planet become a member. 

How much will you spend on sneakers?

When we first came up with this idea, we wanted to only do $500,000 worth of $1 sneakers with a lot less than 10K members. Then we raised it to $1 million worth of $1 sneakers for 10,000 members throughout the year. If we have 10K members, we will spend $1,000,000+ on the sneakers we will sell at $1 per pair. If we are running at a lower number than 10,000 members, we will use the same ratio 10K member to $1,000,000 in shoes to determine how much we will spend. Great news is, we’ve got a feeling that having 10K members isn’t going to be an issue!

Am I guaranteed to get $1 sneakers?

This is a great question that we get all the time and the answer is always no. Nobody is guaranteed to get $1 sneakers. Purchasing $1 sneakers is mainly reliant on how much time you spend on our platform & how quickly you notice the random inventory being updated. However, our memberships are packed with many more benefits other than $1 sneakers, of which, well exceed the value we charge for either membership. Check out membership benefits to see for yourself!

why are you selling sneakers for $1?

We want to do something that’s never been done before in the sneaker industry and at the same time, grow a massive brand by giving back to those we serve. People like you. Our thought is, that if we sell shoes for $1 to help people get their dream sneaker, they’ll tell everyone about us. Whether that be online or in person. See, word of mouth marketing is still the best marketing ever and we’re hoping that if we help you…. You’ll help us by sharing this experience with your friends & family. 

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